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The Civil Rights Cold Case Project


I am pleased to announce that The Civil Rights Cold Case Project website is now up and running at http://coldcases.org.

My previous blog post, about my most recent trip to Mississippi, was cross posted from the Cold Case Project site.

The Civil Rights Cold Case Project brings together the power of investigative reporting, narrative writing, documentary filmmaking and interactive multimedia production to reveal the long-neglected truths behind scores of race-motivated murders, and to facilitate reconciliation and healing.

Our reporters are reopening and investigating several cold cases—producing important evidence that prosecutors have used to build criminal cases against killers and conspirators who have walked free for more than 40 years.

The photo from the home page slideshow, above, is one I took on Poor House Road, in the area where Clifton Walker was murdered on February 28, 1964.

There's more on the site and much more to come.

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