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New Site / Old Site

This site is the new home for my blog, Hungry Blues, which I started over on Typepad's hosted service in March, 2004. I have migrated all posts and comments from the Typepad site to this new site, a WordPress blog installed on my own server space, hosted by TextDrive.

All new blog content is posted here exclusively. Because the URL for the old site was a subdomain of typepad.com (i.e., minorjive.typepad.com), existing internal links between pre-migration posts will continue to take you to the pages on the old site. The old Typepad site, will therefore remain open until I complete the process of manually updating all of the internal links on my new site. With over 600 posts on the old site, this is a tedious process that will take some time.

During the transition, clicking internal links to some Hungry Blues posts will take you to my old site. However, comments and trackbacks on the old site are permanently closed. If you want to comment on something you found over there, copy and paste the post title into the search box in the sidebar on this site. The search result should take you to the same post on this site. Here is a list of things I need to do to complete the migration process and close down the Typepad site:

  • Manually update all internal links.
  • Enable trackback pings on all old posts (must also be done manually...).
  • Move all files (images, audio, etc.) to new site.
  • Clean up formatting on posts that got mangled during migration