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Out with the New and in with the Old

My new tumblelog has arrived at http://minorjive.net (feed).

A while ago I decided to set up another WordPress blog as a tumblelog, to keep clippings of web content that I come across on the web. I didn't like the limited functionality of the popular hosted Tumblr service, so I thought it would be better to have my own setup. I really like the T1 WordPress theme, designed for tumbleloging, and the QuickPost plugin, which allows you to post on the fly, as you surf. But each WordPress installation is work to maintain, and I was having trouble finding time to fully customize my setup. The straw that broke the camel's back was when QuickPost stopped working right. I never got around to diagnosing the problem and I therefore simply stopped posting the the tumblelog. The site devolved into an archive of my twitter posts, which publish to the tumblelog automatically each night.

In the meantime, Tumblr added some of the features I wanted (namely an audio content type and (sort of) tagging), and I started to think that less might be more, especially when less includes less site maintenance work for me. I'm still waiting for tagging to be fully functional, and I'd like to see commenting. But the main thing is that I find myself using and enjoying my Tumblr site.

So again the link:

http://minorjive.net (feed)

The tumblelog subscription and site links in the sidebar now point to my Tumblr site. After I recycle the content from the old site that I want to keep, I will retire it from the internet.

(If you're unclear on the tumblelog concept, try the classic explanation by kottke or the more recent one by Brian Oberkirch.)

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