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Megan Williams Says She Was Set Up, Reveals More Details of Abuse

Megan Williams and her mother, Carmen Williams, have given an interview to the Nation of Islam's Final Call. Megan Williams claims that she did not willingly go to the trailer home where she was raped and stabbed and tortured by six whites. Rather, she was lured there by a supposed friend.

Megan Williams (MW): When I first went up there, a girl I knew named Christa, she took me up there, she said we were going to a party.

FC: When Christa took you there (the trailer home in Big Creek in Logan County) what did she do?

MW: She said she had to make a run and she would be right back. She didn't come back.

FC: Do you believe Christa was involved in arranging this?

MW: (Nodding.)

Carmen Williams (CW): Yes, it was a setup, she left her there. When Megan was in the hospital, Christa called and I answered the phone. Christa was asking, ‘how is my friend?' I told her that she wasn't a friend of Megan's because she left her. Christa then hung up the phone. We have not seen or heard from Christa since that time.

The police investigators say they are trying to locate her for an interview, but have not been able to find her.

Megan Williams also insists that she did not have a romantic relationship with Bobby Brewster, despite the many allusions to a "prior relationship" in news reports.

FC: There were some news reports that you had a relationship with one of the defendants, Bobby Brewster. Is this accurate?

MW: We were just friends. It was nothing like that.

FC: No dating relationship between you and defendant Bobby Brewster?

MW: No. They kicked me in the head with steel toed boots, they hit me in the head with several objects, I remember seeing a knife, and they tried to cut my foot off. They told me that is what they did to Kunta Kinte when they cut his foot off so he couldn't run and that is what they were going to do to me.

FC: When exactly was this?

MW: It was like in August. When she (Christa) dropped me off up there, that's when they started beating on me, and calling me names. When they were hitting me and stabbing me, they called me n----r, they said ‘this is what we do to n----rs up here' and they said they were going to kill me.

Throughout the interview, Megan Williams makes numerous references to the 6 whites' use of racial epithets that did not come out in her original statement to the police. She also describes a scene in which she it seems she was being treated purposely like a slave.

They made me pick green beans out of the garden, they made these switches into a braid and they were whipping me as I was picking the greens. They made me pick weeds out of the garden and they were calling me n----r and said they were going to take me out to a creek and cut my throat and throw me in a river. All I was saying is I wanted to get back to my mom, and they were like, ‘you ain't ever going to see your mom ever, ever again, never.' I wanted to get back home so bad.

Similarly, Ms. Williams says the 6 whites made her sleep in the shed outside the trailer home because she is Black.

They told me there were no n----rs allowed in the trailer.

And she describes the threats of hanging more vividly than before.

I just wanted to get away. I asked one of them if they could let me go, they said no because ‘ain't no n----rs allowed up here,' and they were going to kill me. One day, I was asleep in the room, one of them came in and was kicking me and said ‘hey n----r, we got a noose out there for you, want to come look at it? We're going to hang you, come on.' I got really scared. I just wanted to get out of there. I was fighting for my life.

Do we still think this wasn't a hate crime? The state government, and, if possible, the federal government must address the racial dimensions of this case.


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  • Brandon October 11, 2007, 10:17 pm

    Oh wow, this is awful stuff. Im going to post this as well, if you dont mind….btw, my new contact email(on facebook too) is bwallace@huntingdon.edu as my Purdue email and accounts are going bye-bye.

  • Debbie May 19, 2008, 5:42 pm

    This is truly one of the most horrendous of hate crimes I’ve ever heard of. My heart and sympathies really go out to this girl and her mother. It makes me want to cry as I read it. Animals like these, and there can be no denial that these are indeed sub-human creatures , should be locked-up until they no longer pose a threat to the rest of society. There should be no denial that this was apparently a hate crime and we should have zero tolerance and tougher laws against these types of crimes. I just wish it were possible that as part of their punishment they had to do some type of community service in the black community . I hope that this girl Megan can find some comfort in knowing that these guys will face their ultimate judgment one day from God for their actions. God can bring anyone to their knees as he did the mightiest rulers in the world throughout history, he can surely bring these cowards to their knees and I pray that he will very soon. I pray that God will cause their hearts to repent of what they’ve done. My daughter is of African American heritage of her father and it really hurts me deeply to know that there are people in the world who do such terrible things as this to someone just because they hate their race. Megan William surely has my prayers and blessings.

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